Randeep Hooda’s Homecoming Surprise

Randeep Hooda can tell you exact how disorienting life can be as a moviestar. His career requires him to be on the move for most of the year. According to the actor, his nomadic lifestyle has made him a campy person in general, and he considers his ability to get comfortable anywhere get real anywhere and with anyone one of his selling points as an actor.

Randeep Standing - Living Room

“The space in between my ears is where I live”, he says, almost defiantly to the camera that the Godrej Interio team focuses on his bandana clad face. The Godrej Interio team was there as part of a sweet surprise for the actor- the team had collaborated with his family to remodel the actor’s childhood home, the only place that he could call a home. Like all parents, Randeep’s only wanted to be able to spend more time with him. With the actor’s lifestyle being what it was, the parents seem to have come to terms with the fact that their son was going to be away most of the time. This is something, they understand, that comes with an incredibly successful career. They decided that the only way to stay connected and involved with their son was to transform their home into a beautiful refuge that would make Randeep look forward to coming back home always.

Godrej Interio’s Upload and Transform was now its 5th season, and the team was already equipped with 4 seasons’ worth of transforming home for the camera, added to the brand’s 8 year’ worth of knowledge in the home decor industry. In their latest project, they were about to provide the complete infrastructure needed for Hooda’s family to remodel their home. The whole thing, moreover, was going to be a surprise for Randeep himself.

The dining area offering a glimpse at the kitchen done up in blue and white, according to Mrs. Honda's wishes

The dining area offering a glimpse at the kitchen done up in blue and white, according to Mrs. Honda’s wishes

The brief had to address several needs- the family’s vision for the home along with Mr. and Mrs. Hooda’s personal needs, while also reflecting an aesthetic that pleased beta-darling. The team’s designer prised out the specifics from the family members, before presenting a sketch that described the plan in mind. Randeep’s sister Anjali sat in for the brief, while the family explained that both Randeep and the rest of the family would like a contemporary aesthetic filled with bright colours and a soothing ambience. “Healing colours for mum and dad”, sister Anjali chimed in. Randeep’s career evidently takes him far from home, even sister Anjali, it seems, does not spend a much time at home as her parents would like, and this renovation was also for the industrious sister to spend more time home.

Randeep's Guest Room -2

Light colored wood was used in the guest room

Randeep's Guest Room -3

The metal framed mirror above the headboard in the guest room

The parents’ room was promptly draped in a yellow palette, with hints of fresh blue, and pink. The play of colours lends the room both an energizing and a soothing ambience. The guest bedroom, on the other hand, received a  glam deep blue palette. The tentacled mirror above the headboard matches the metallic hue of the upholstery, and adds glamour to an otherwise Scandinavian style room. “The guests might never leave”, Randeep jokes lightheartedly with his sister.

Randeep's Parents Bedroom

The parents’ bedroom, in hues of yellow

Hints of mint in the yellow decor

Hints of mint in the yellow decor

Randeep's Parents Bedroom Couch 02

Randeep’s parents wanted ‘healing colours’ for their bedroom

Randeep’s room reflects his preference for earthy tones. We imagine this room would have been a hard one to crack- the brief requested earthy colours which would not compromise on glamour, to embody Randeep’s life. The actor is a horse lover, so that, obviously, had to show. The result is a tastefully chic room in muted metallics, and a super comfortable bed.

The artwork on the wall reflects Randeep's love for horses

The artwork on the wall reflects Randeep’s love for horses

Metallic accessories complement the subdued metallic tones in the room

Metallic accessories complement the subdued metallic tones in the room

The most dramatic change was in the living room. Once soaked in a subdued, rust coloured palette, the room was now a spacey lounge, with a soothing art piece framing the wall, and a cream coloured palette that is soft on the eyes. The two toned sofa, in a sunny yellow and a carefree white, had been picked by Mr. Hooda, who had been won over by how the sofa was as comfortable as it was a looker. Checking out the sofa for the camera, Randeep discovers his favorite part- the two glass holders embedded into the side. Turns out, the living was also the parents’ favorite!

The fresh and soothing living room

The fresh and soothing living room

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