8 Simple Summer Decor Ideas

Summer is here, and the heat is only picking up. One way to keep a cool mind in the stifling tropical heat haze is to transform your living spaces into a cool refuge. We believe in going with nature’s flow- that means, a wholesome acceptance of the natural conditions around us, including, of course, the climate. In other words, it does not do you any good to simply shut yourself up inside a frigid air conditioned room all summer, however nice it might sound. In fact, shutting yourself up in unnaturally cold air conditioned rooms dehydrates you, and disorients your body, since every time you leave the ac, there will be a massive shift in temperatures that your body has to deal with.  

We recommend riding this summer with an inner chill, brought on by the most peaceful and cool decors to relax you into someone who can make the best of everything. Here are a few tips from iDecorama to bring on the summer chill. The best part is that most of these decor inspirations will only require a few tweaks here and there, to prepare your home for the summer.

Lighten Up!

Summer is a joyful abundance of daylight and open-windows. Dress up your home to compliment the season. Discard all the dark curtains and upholstery, and replace them with bright pastel palettes. Paint your furniture, too, if you’re ready for a full makeover. White for the that Scandinavian chill, softs pinks, and blues for a contented springtime look, greens, blues and aqua for a mellow, nature inspired take, or vibrant pop colours for a snazzy summertime. You know what suits you best!

pinks and blues

Springy Cream and Blue

Tropical White

Tropical White


Vibrant Colours for an Energizing Ambience

Take The Party Outdoors

Summer evenings and nights are practically pushing you out of the house to catch a refreshing breeze, while you drink a mojito to the psychedelic colours of the setting sun. It’s time to allocate some outdoor space for those tropical nights! With just a bright and comfy chair, and a candle holder, you can create the best outdoor reading spot. You can even set up some more seating space, bring an old table into the garden or the balcony, throw a light table cloth on it, and you’ll be set to host the best parties of the season. Find out how to make the best of your outdoor space.


Bring The Outside In

Bring some natural elements into your home to break the boundaries between the inside and the outside, and make it feel more ventilated and fresh in general. Soothing nature inspired decor include shell vases,little pots of succulents, sand bowls as incense holders, pebble displays, flowers, the list is endless! Fill a glass bottle with an inch of sand and you have a nature inspired candle holders. Use shells as vases and tea light holders. Forget about arranging your flowers, just get a lot of them and place them as chaotically as you can on a counter, for that freshly picked look. Here’s an inside tip if you don’t have the time or resources to acquire pretty flowers- simply swap them with leaves and branches. Filling your vases with clumps of tall grasses will not bring a visually fresh element into your home, but also help purify the air. Go for air cleansers like lemongrass and spider palm.

Invest in Air Purifying Plants

Invest in Air Purifying Plants


Curtain Raiser

Time to open up the windows! With the focus on environmentally friendly products, it’s an infinitely better idea to forget about those energy sucking split ACs, and think about optimising natural ventilation. Drape on the long flowy curtains to visually enhance even the smallest breeze. White is the classic favorite, but happy bohemian colours in airy cottons are perfect, too! Your body will be thanking you in the long run for not alternatively freezing it and burning it during summers.

Airy Curtains

Airy Curtains

Bohemian Curtain Mischief

Bohemian Curtain Mischief

Pillow Power

Throw pillows everywhere, till any surface looks like an inviting sinkhole. That’s how we like our summer decors. Go for block flower prints on your throw pillows and cushions to brighten the mood with bold natural patterns.


Fruit Themed Throw Pillows


Turning Tables

Summer calls for the most inviting table layouts you can think up. Invest in accent dishes and platters to spread out those delicious salads and fruit displays. Swap your usual centrepiece for a nature-themed one. And don’t just play safe with flowers, get a little campy and Incorporate mosses, pebbles, twigs. Place your ornate little bonsai pot on the table for a special touch!



Tropical Restroom

Your bathroom can become a gloomy place, don’t ignore this super important part of your home! Plants, coconut shell soap dishes, bamboo trays, lots of mirrors! Your countless summer showers will become all the more refreshing now. Oh, and have you ever considered blue or green tiles for your bathroom? With a punch of earthy colour, this is a nice touch that never gets old.




If  you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, take this opportunity to remove all the clutter. The less stuff there is, the more floor and space there is, the freer your room looks. You’ve heard about that one where you can make a small room look more spacious just by freeing up floor space (pretty intuitively obvious). Let the light in and let the summer drive away the mustiness of the previous year!

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