Styling Tips For a Sumptuous Summer Outdoor Decor

Styling Tips For a Sumptuous Summer Outdoor Decor

It can often get stifling at home, in the tropical summers of India. And if you are anything like me, you would try your hardest to find the coolest spot outside an air-conditioned room before you resign your body to the harsh, unnatural drop in temperature that an ac creates. And sometimes, it’s just so much more pleasant outside, especially if you have a large, shady garden. Not all of us, however, have this luxury. This is why we compiled these simple tips to make the best of whatever outdoor space you have, balcony, porch, or garden. Read on to know how to make your summer evenings more enjoyable!

1. Hammock Happy
Tropical summers typically slow you down, and make you want to laze all day in one cool spot, with one jug of nimbu paani as your company. Time to invest in a comfy hammock. Hammocks need very less space, so you can simply put one up in the balcony, or even in front of a gallery of windows, inside your home, for some outdoorsy ambience. With an outdoor hammock, you can now spend summer nights sleeping under the stars.


2. The Balcony Canopy
The perfect tropical solution for a tiny, urban home. Who said you need an expansive garden with built in shade for a cool outdoor hangout? Balcony canopies are not only easier to rig up, but also less expensive, and versatile: come monsoon, and you can just take it all down. Choose canvas, cotton or even bamboo as canopy material. If you don’t want to cover up the whole balcony, then go for a small canopy that covers a tiny nook, replete with reading chair.



3. The Garden Party
If you’re fortunate enough to have a resplendent garden, it would be criminal not to use the space for a picnic-party-worthy sitout. Bring out the throw pillows, the accent dishes, and the candles. Add a rustic table and some stripped down wooden chairs for a proper picnic-style ambiance. Set an unforgettable table with a fruit centrepiece. Add some flowers in candid arrangements.  


Nature-inspired Centrepiece For a Statement

Nature-inspired Centrepiece For a Statement

4. Candid Candles
You want your outdoor sitout to be a satisfying experience both in the daytime and the night-time. Ideally, your sitout looks shady, inviting and breezy in the morning, and magical and ethereal in the evenings. Bring on the fairytale night-time glam with some tea lights floating in a bowl of water. Throw in some flowers and petals for good measure. Alternatively, stick your candles in sand bowls or tall glasses for a rustic vibe.



5. Light Right
If you’re planning festive garden parties for your summer nights, you’re going to want to make sure your guests can see what their eating, and whom they’re chatting or dancing with. Unless you’ve burnt the main dish, and you’d rather it was too dark to see it! On a practical note, though, candles are joyful little pinpricks of light, but you’ll be needing something a bit more substantial. If you want to bathe the night in a soft, diffused glow, get out the fairylights. Paper lanterns are great for diffused light, too. If you’re up for something elaborate, line the driveway with lanterns.



Paper Lanterns Look Great in Daylight, Too

Paper Lanterns Look Great in Daylight, Too

6. Summer Shades
Pinks, blues, and yellows are great for outdoor decors. Go for stripy tablecloths or plaid napkins for the perfect picnic party.


7. Porch Perfect
The area right in front of your home need not be just another generic looking area that functions mainly as a path into your home. If you have a porch, consider yourself the proud owner of real good piece of prime summer-time estate. Turn your porch into a breezy sitting room with just a cane sofa, some throw pillows and flowy curtains. Add some plants for some natural energy. Install a mirror to give it a twist, and make it look more like a room.

back porch at night



Porch Room with Mirror




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