10 Affordable Ideas on Personalizing Your Rented H...

10 Affordable Ideas on Personalizing Your Rented Home

Your rented home need not always feel like it’s not your real home. There are scores of simple ways to personalize your decor that don’t require much effort, and require even less funds.

Read on to find out how to turn your rented house into an intimate space that feels like home.

1. Hang Your Art!

Whether or not you call yourself an artist, surely there are doodles and other visually creative endeavours and experiments that you have undertaken. That drunk brushpaint randomness you and your flatmate made last night? Just frame it, and viola! Super customised art that is truly you. Photos work great, too, and surely, you have loads of them. Print out your favorite instagram pictures, and make a photo wall somewhere. You can even arrange them in sombre gallery format around the house for a classy ambiance.

2. Hang Up Your Writing!!

So this might sound unusual, but here me out. Short poetry look artistic and lovely on walls when framed. If you’re feeling experimental, print it out and make a collage.


3. Hang Up your Postcards

Ok, this is starting to get old now, but you get the idea. Art, photography and writing are things you created, but postcards make for great decor too! If souvenirs from travels, hastily scratched messages from friends on foreign shores, are articles you tend to collect, you might as well put them up.


4. Host a Decor Swap Party

Call all your friends over for a decor swap over some wine and biscuits. Great way to catch up, awesome way of acquiring furniture and collectibles with character.


5. Paint Your Cushions

Unleash your arty impulses on your cushions for little pockets of colour. Fill your cushions with anything from abstract swathes of colour to intricate patterns, whatever you’re up for! If you’re feeling lazy or homesick, send a blank cover home to mum with a sincere request for some of the gorgeous embroidery that she’s always practicing!


6. Turn Your Jewellry Into Decor

Your own wardrobe contains some of the most beautiful things you own. That vibrant scarf you got on vacation in Goa? Perfect for a wall, or a window. Ever felt like you don’t have enough storage for your jewellry? Bring out your ornate earrings, bracelets and anklets, and create a sparkling display.Stack your bangles on upturned tumblers, hang intricate earrings and necklaces on handles, hooks and nails. Turn a cupcake stand into a tiered earring tray.


Picture credits: Satori Design


7. Paint One Wall

So you don’t want to go overboard and get a full painting job done on whole house, just piant one wall. Paint one wall in the room you spend most time in, and watch the room transform.  


8. Shoe Planters

You don’t have to throw away old shoes that are a tread too old. Fill them up with soil, and turn them into planters. You can grow whole whole herb gardens out of them!



9. Lamp Lover

Lamps soften light, and add shadows and depth. Make a room instantly more intimate with a well placed lamp.


10. Rug Snug

Adding a shaggy rug here and there is a great way to instantly increase the appeal and comfort of a home. Spread one out under your favorite chair. Nothing better than sinking one’s toes into a soft, soft carpet.


11. Invest In an Accent Light Fixture

One right move is all it takes to add a beautiful touch to an alienated room. Go to the local market (we recommend Paharganj, if you’re in Delhi) for some intricate locally crafted fixtures if your budget is tight.


Vibrant, ornate lamps affordable prices in Paharganj, Delhi

They say that the longer you live in a house, the more homey it becomes. A lot of this has to do with the way it accumulates things from your life, feels more familiar, and even starts smelling more like you. It’s a good time to start helping the process!


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