Top 9 Nature Inspired Decor Ideas

Nature inspired decor is an eternal favorite, and looks great not just in the summer, but in all seasons of the year, and is especially suited to the tropics. Give yourself a break from the electronic and digital saturation of modern life and connect with the diversity of textures, aromas and gifts of nature everytime you step into your home.

1. Living With Plants

If you don’t have enough space, make a vertical garden. If you don’t have sufficient outdoor space, invest in indoor plants. Money plants and bamboo are some of the easiest plants to grow indoors. Keeping some plants indoors is always a great idea, since they purify the air in your home.


2. Let There Be Light

Natural light is something we miss out a lot on, living our air conditioned, holed-up-in-our-career modern lifestyles. Unclutter the spaces in front of your windows and doors, clear out your floor space for the summer, and reap the full benefits of natural light, while you watch your room transform into an airy, fresh space.


3. Green Living

Paint a piece of furniture green. Sandpaper it for a rustic look. You can even hints of green in your cushions and upholstery.


4. Creative Centrepieces

Get creative with your table centrepeices. Absolute no to plastic flowers, replace with real, freshly picked ones in a chaotic arrangement for an organic feel. Swap flowers with lemongrass shoots, or leafy twigs for a twist. Or display a discarded bird’s nest for an unusual, but rustic centrepiece.


5. Foresty Cushions

Adding a cushion or two with floral patterns and/or birds for an uplifting, foresty touch.


6. Branch Jewelry Organizer

Always running out of space for your ever increasing jewelry collection? The most affordable and elegant jewelry organizer is just a walk away! Step out and find yourself a small, sturdy, beautiful section of branch, and hang away your ornate earring, necklaces and bracelets on it!  


7. Rustic Rendezvous

Rub down your tables and chairs with some sandpaper to give them a stripped down, rustic shine. Brings the outside right into your home.


8. Pressed Flower Art

You don’t need to scour galleries or the internet and spend pocketfuls of money on finding nice frames for your walls. Just collect the most beautiful flowers and leaves that you see on your next early morning stroll, and press them down into a book. When they’re dry, stick them on sheets of paper (use parchment if you’re feeling fancy), and frame them for the perfect wall art. Add many different flowers and ferns in one frame for a gorgeous effect.


9. Pebble and Sand Candle Holders

Fill a couple of mason jars ⅓ full with your favorite finds, from the roundest pebbles to a handful of sea sand that reminds you of your last vacation to Goa. Place candles in them.


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