Going Vertical: Tips For the Perfect Lengthwise Ga...

Going Vertical: Tips For the Perfect Lengthwise Garden

So you’ve decided to share your space with a compact little vertical garden. Congratulations on the prudent decision. You can achieve a vertical garden in al kinds of shapes, layouts, and designs, depending on the constrictions of your space. Here are a few innovative ways to host a vertical garden right in your tiny home. Read on to find what works for you!

The Pallet Garden

Bhartiya Design Party rocks the pallet garden with these installations for So Delhi and Himalayan. Just rescue some quality wooden pallets from the nearby vegetable market. Pallets are not only easy to make sturdy stands with, but also channel an earthy vibe. “These are great options for office spaces, as a simple wall of greenery can go a long way in freshening up the work environment”, says Chahat Lawania, from Bhartiya Design Party, which is catching the city’s attention with their vertical gardens. 


You can follow them here.

The Archway Garden

If the entrance of your home has a nice arch somewhere, this is a great place for a bougainvillea to climb and thrive, making a lovely floral welcome into your home. Climbing roses and other shade loving creepers are better suited to arches in your porch or balcony.


The Plastic Bottle Wall

Probably my favorite type of garden, this is a brilliant idea for a DIY project. The best part, it’s super cheap and sustainable. Herbs like mustard, clover, and coriander are great choices for a bottle garden.


The Moss Wall

Moss walls are perfect for your bathroom, where the humidity is high. A little on the fancier side, this one is, however, worth it. Incorporate some ferns for some great texture.


Potted Ladder

Don’t discard your old ladder, simply convert it into a blooming garden lengthwise!


A Trellis Garden

How can I talk about vertical gardens without mentioning pretty hanging trellises? Hang up those ferns, money plants, Jade, and other trailing beauties in layers or steps for an interesting effect.

Image source

Image source

A Garden Wall

Climbing roses and bougainvillea are perfect for a natural wall of ever fresh flowers. You can create a similar effect indoors with money plants.



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