At Home in California: Selena Gomez’s Mansio...

At Home in California: Selena Gomez’s Mansions in Pictures

The tabloids are calling American singer and actress Selena Gomez’s new home “modest” for costing many millions less than the standard Hollywood budget. Probably a bit of an exaggeration there, seeing how Selena’s new LA home cost no less than $2.25 million, to the dollar.


Selena’s new home is a three bedroom affair spread out over a 3,188 sq. ft. property. It also includes a guest suite at the back, making it a 3+1 bedroom, 4 bath home.


Selena has made sure to pick a home that is hidden away from the prying eyes of paparazzi and stalkers. With a tall hedge reinforcing the walled, gated property, the property is high on privacy.


Admittedly, the house looks quite mellow and cozy, not the showy or ultra-sleek forts that the common people imagine celebrities inhabit.


The home was allegedly built in 1953, and has undergone several renovations, ending up with a vaulted high ceiling and open floor plan.


Hardwood floors give off a classic, rusty vibe, complementing the 2 fireplaces in the home, one of which is built in brick.


The open kitchen comes with its own brick chimney fitted with a modern stove-top.


The listing hints that the guest annex at the back can be converted into a studio.

Of the 3.5 baths, one is a spa-like extensive space, with its own closet.


The backyard comes with a pool, a spa, a built in BBQ area, and a shaded loungy patios.



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The property is located in the Studio Hills area of North Hollywood, and is rumored to be about 30 mins away from the Weeknd’s home in Hidden Hills.

This is not Selena’s first home, in California, however, with her previous homes being somewhat bigger and flashier.

This California mansion, that Gomez first put on the market in the end of 2015 for $4.495 m, boasts 5 bedrooms.

While the house is located over 4 acres or so, the whole property rounds off at close to 7,800 sq ft., along with its extensive gardens, and a guesthouse.

The exterior facade channels an almost Texan vibe, with is neutral stone and stucco.  The home also includes a wine cellar and a grand staircase.

Selena certainly has a thing for high, high ceilings that make her feel airy and free.

One of the sides even feature a two-story wall of windows.

The master bedroom suite is done up in a rich amethyst.

The kitchen has the cutest breakfast corner.

Another staple that Selena can’t live without, of course, is the stone walled pool.

The listing describes how the home is optimised or outdoor living, with several stone patios and lounges peppering its 7 acre area.

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