Talent Watch: Salone Star, Florent Coirier

Talent Watch: Salone Star, Florent Coirier

Vikas Bhadra catches up with Florent Coirier, rising design talent, who recently exhibited his products at Salone

Tell us about your inspiration.

I always had a constructive approach towards the elements I was surrounded by. I used to collect them and build something functional, ornate or show worthy. Later I realised this process is known as designing and an inherent quality of the design professionals. This in a way helped me self-counsel myself. I come from a modest family so most of the objects I relate to are simple, functional and affordable. The end products I design are clear sans any eccentricity and in any case durable.


Connect form, function and aesthetics in products:

Aesthetics is akin to poetry and design is the narrative. And in a narrative prose and poetry are equally important. At times aesthetics is a lucid affair; a matter of simple details arranged in a precise way however at other times the story is complex and adds a sentimental value to the end product. At the end of the day a good product is a proper balance of form, function and aesthetics.

Design Associations?

Post my graduation I decided to garner some work experience in order to get a real taste of a designer’s life. It helped me in understanding my likes and dislikes about the finer aspects of design.Most importantly it helped me in creating my own signature style.

Portique Armchair

Give us the standard timeline for customised marvels.

The inception of a product starts as an idea or a desire following which I procure the object. The object is just around the corner waiting to be discovered. Post this it is perception at play; in a way it’s a transcription of my thought process. The thoughts manifest into drawings and often into a cardboard model where proportions undergo due diligence. Depending on the project the inception of the end product varies.

The Hall of Fame

Kusamono my first project for LigneRoset, I believe defined my arrival as a designer in the commercial scene. It tells a lot about my way of thinking about a product. It aims to be simple, practical and defines its purposefulness in varied settings.


Materials that you love? 

Since I work with numerous manufacturers and materials, I do not have a favourite material as such. But my inquisitiveness allows me to experiment with different materials. It allows me to understand specific parameters such as the strength and the sustainability of the said material, which as when the need arises can be utilised to design customised products.

Product Inspirations?

I get inspired by my surroundings and what I do. I am practicing yoga, which inspires you to be strong but at the same time be fluid. I have incorporated similar features in the LYZE chair I designed for EMU. The idea was to create a robust object strong enough to endure the outdoor weather but at the same time be light and compact. The grid of the backrest and choice of aluminium aided the purpose. The end product is robust and at the same time incorporates a degree of fluidity.

Spektra Track LED

So, what’s next?

In September, we will launch a new desk light for HABITAT.

Three Fold Stool

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