9 Tips for a Bookshelf with Character

My books always went with me, wherever I moved, not only because I loved reading them, but also because I needed to see them around me. They made a new house feel like home. Over the years, of course, I’ve had to figure out how to put together a delicious nook to display my books best. This is me passing it all on, to my fellow bibliophiles.

I’ve split this post up roughly into two sections, the first one will open up interesting options when it comes to bookshelves, and the second section will go on to show you how you can make an existing shelf beautiful with a few tweaks.

1. Bookend Shelf

An all time favorite minimal look, this is a DIY bookshelf you can make out of anything, really. Tumblers of succulents, mason jars, pieces of wood, rocks, vases, heavy little antiques, you name it.


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2. Horizontal Bookshelf

My favorite twist on the bookshelf is the horizontal shelf. Orient your books a different way for a unique take, it looks gorgeous, promise!

Image source

Image source

horizontal 2

3. Wine Rack Bookshelf

Re-purpose! Is an oft repeated chant in the decor world. Use wine racks to make a bookshelf with character!

4. Metal Frames

Not only are they lighter, metal frames add a crisp, edge touch to the room.


5. Colour Code

Arrange your books into spectrums of complimentary colours and watch your bookshelf transform.


6. Arty Arcade

Got some art that doesn’t quite fit in anywhere else in the house? The bookshelf could use some of it! Experiment with different orientations to see what works best.


7. Antiques Galore

And any other collectibles you have, really. Antiques tend to make quite the statement. All those trinkets and souvenirs that you have no idea where to display? You know where to put them!


8. Put a Plant on It

Greenery always brightens up a space, and adds texture. Money plants are a personal favorite for their pretty trailing trellises, which will look magical on a high shelf. Or succulents, if you’re worried about moisture around your books. Place your pots in a ceramic saucer, to make sure the shelf stays dry.

Image source

Image source

9. Custom Lighting

You want to light up the best features of your home, of course. Try fairy lights for a cute, ethereal effect. If you want something sleek, geometric light fittings add a great accent. Back lighting works great, too, and adds a functional touch.




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