8 Brilliant Household Items from Recycled Bottles

8 Brilliant Household Items from Recycled Bottles

Last year, the Business Standard reported that 15,342 tonnes of plastic waste is generated in India on a daily basis. Imagine that. And to top it of, about half of this waste is improperly disposed litter that slowly begins its journey of poisoning the environment. Now plastic bottles make up a LARGE percentage of this waste, which is why we decided to go about finding better things to do with old plastic bottles than knowingly poison the environment. Here are a list of useful household articles that you can whip out of waste.

  1. Planters

It makes sense, really, to reuse one of the most environmentally dangerous materials out there to grow plants. Don’t you think?


Plastic bottles, moreover, open up cheap and gorgeous options for indoor vertical gardens, for those looking to incorporate some green into a small home.


  1. Pouch

Cut out the ends of two of your pet Fanta bottles, and glue a zip onto it. Viola, you now have an eccentric multi-purpose pouch!


  1. Chandeliers and Lamps

So many ways to upcycle plastic bottles into chandeliers and other light fittings.


  1. Stationery Organizer

Any cutout plastic bottle naturally makes for a pencil-holder of sorts, but if you want something a little more stable and fancy, here is an idea!

pencil organizer

  1. Tiered Jewelry Stand

The translucent plastic of most plastic bottles catches the light, making it a great receptacle for all things shiny. Here is one of our favorite designs by crafty goddess Jen.

Find out how to make this absolutely brilliant tiered jewelry stand here.

tiered jwellery holder

  1. Bracelets

WIth their cylindrical shape, plastic bottles naturally offer themselves up for DIY bracelet projects. Get some design inspiration here.


  1. Earrings

With their malleability, plastic bottles are also a great base material for vibrant DIY earrings. Find out how.


  1. Cell Phone Charging Station

No surface space around your plug points? Fret not, make a cute little station right there!


  1. Room divider

I cannot tell you how excited this idea got me. As someone who lives in a smallish semi-open plan apartment I’ve gone to crazy lengths trying to acquire room dividers that weren’t generic hanging screens, and yet did not cost half my month’s wages. What a thoughtful alternative. Depending on how much light penetration you want, you can have a selection of transparent white bottles to dark, opaque-ish ones.


  1. Bird Feeder

Pure genius, and the the best part of this design is its low maintenance demands.

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