Wall of Frame: Tips on Displaying Your Art Well

Wall of Frame: Tips on Displaying Your Art Well

Art adds the finishing touches to any home, and in some cases even creates the focal center for the rest of the decor. In any case, there’s no better way to personalize a house and make it home, than putting up some art that inspires, evokes, and makes the space feel true to you. While art is all about intuition, it doesn’t hurt to spend some time planning out the display, to make sure your art helps you create the ambiance you desire. While there’s no single set of rules about how to go about doing that, here are a few tips to get you started!


  1. Stay Grounded

First rule of thumb- does the artwork fit into your room? Just what is the point, you might ask, of art whose sole redeeming quality is that it matches the room?  Let me rephrase it- does the room match your art? You would want an artwork to either complement or contrast a room not just to beautify your room, but to make sure that your favorite painting or print gets the attention it deserves, in the right way.


So, by all means, please don’t hesitate to splurge on something that inspires you or speaks to your heart, no matter how bold, or scandalous. Seriously, you should. Just make sure that you display it well, by tweaking your room if your have to. Consider painting one wall, for instance, for the right contrast. If you’re head over heels on an outrageous, outrageous poster, you could compliment it with other equally bold accessories in the room. Uncluttering a space and doing away with scores of your old trinkets and collectibles to focus attention on a bold abstract pattern is another activity we highly recommend.


  1. Harmony and Chaos

Now that we’ve established the intimate connection between art and the space it is displayed in, let’s get down to the specifics. What is the ambience you’re going for in your home? If you think you’re going to be entertaining lots of relatives in between countless other dinners for your boss and colleagues, you want to go for a harmonious decor. Leave the pin-ups out of the living room (unless, of course, you find something truly worth it), but this doesn’t mean you’re stuck with insipid, boring stuff. Balance and synchronicity is key. One accent piece in the living room, perhaps, or a well organised wall of frames. You can brighten up a space with a swathe of vibrant colors in your favorite artworks.


On the other hand, if you’re an incurable bohemian eccentric, you can create a sense of casual chaos with a collage of mix and matched prints, right alongside those countless cute postcards and polaroids you’ve accumulated over the years.


  1. Monochrome Magic

One sure shot way to achieve sophisticated harmony with something that is still edgy and refreshing is to go for a monochrome palette. Think sketches, abstracts, large accent panels, against a fairly stable palette (ideally limited to 2 or 3 colours) in the rest of the room.

Aesthetic Appeal (3)

P.s.: Try painting one wall red to make sure that monochrome piece gets the right kind of attention.


  1. Visual Landscapes

If you’re craving for soothing, ambient interiors that are NOT saturated with boring neutral palettes, a wide, immersive natural landscape is what you need.


  1. More is More

There are obvious advantages to going solo, and playing it safe with one diva of a poster that is sure to keep it’s own and grab the eyeballs effortlessly. But this can get cliche. Say you are a die hard eccentric who embodies the claim that more is more. If layered is how you like your surfaces, don’t you hold back! Mix and match your way into the perfect wall of art- try s spiral or other unconventional patterns to display your art, for a healthy dose of character.

Monochrome Magic

  1. Size Matters

Again, you don’t want your tiny frame getting lost on an enormous, bald wall. As much as your don’t want an enormous poster to cramp out in a tiny, low ceilinged bedroom. Measure your walls, and try out different orientations to arrive at the right proportions, and the best resting place for your prized art. Wide panoramic pieces work great under tall ceilings. Try shifting your accent poster a few inches higher or lower if standard eye-level is not working out.   

Size Matters

  1. Playing With Contrast

Apart from the obvious notions of contrasting colours, you can find striking contrasts by opening up your mind and experimenting with all kinds of combinations. Make a statement by placing  a thought-provoking abstract in a traditional setting, or try traditional patterns to accent accessories in a contemporary setting.


  1. Art Speak

Say a story with your art. When choosing what to put up on your wall, consider the following questions. Why is it there? What significance does it hold for you, or your home, that it deserves the spotlight in your room? You don’t want to waste living space in your home on a crowd-winner that you simply can’t get into, and can only ever view with a detached sort of admiration.


  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Beauty, of course, lies in the eyes of the beholder. You can get wrenched out of your present into intoxicated admiration of a painting in front of you, that your best friend, standing a few inches beside you, feels nothing for. However, this doesn’t mean that your art is always locked up in your whimsical world of reclusive admiration. there are many ways to focus the right kind of attention on your art, and make sure that the rest of of the room absorbs some of its vibe.

Aesthetic Appeal

Framing something makes a BIG difference. Trust me. Train an LED light in the right shade for great effect. Walls are so yesterday, try placing your art in empty nooks on your bookshelves and on your coffee table. Stick a poster under the glass surface of your dining table for a unique look.

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  1. Don’t Get Hungover!

Maybe half of your living room wall is filled up with something you were really digging, like, five years ago. Don’t hesitate to do some spring cleaning, and throw it out, for some fresh art that is appeals more to the person that you are now!


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