Top 9 Unique Must Have Decor Items from Etasaa

Top 9 Unique Must Have Decor Items from Etasaa

Etasaa has just opened up shop in Khan Market at ATTUNE. This time when we had a design craving, we headed over to Etasaa for a quick fix. We found delightful delightful things, from shimmering votive-vases, to quaint cutlery stands to decadent decanters. Here are our favorite picks.


  1. The Jute Lantern

This contemporary lamp is nostalgia wrought in a contemporary shape. Use in outdoors, for the perfect retro-style romantic parties, and indoors, for some magical ambiance.


Price: Rs. 2,350

  1. The Copper Decanter

This stylish decanter with a glass knob comes in different sizes, and can be anything from the perfect centerpiece for your party table, to the jazziest addition to your personal bar.



Price: Rs. 1500

  1. Silver and Gold Star Votives

For the dreamy evenings that call for wine and sundresses. And scrumptious food and gentle laughter.


Price: Rs. 235

  1. Metal Planters

Go for these sleek and compact planters, which somehow evoke the antique in their modern design.


Price: Rs. 750

  1. Honeycomb Flower Vases

Theses gold-tinted vases shaped like honeycombs can add glamour to any flower display.


Price: Rs. 1,900

mirrors calcutta

  1. Mirrors of Morocco

Bring the exotic flavors of mysterious Morocco right into your home with this exciting mirror series.

mirrors calcutta2

  1. Flowers in a Jar

Add a homely twist to your idea of what makes a good looking flower vase with these coir wrapped mason jars. We’re Β in love.Β 


  1. Multi-color Wood Candle Stands

Make your lighting more vibrant with these lively and unique candles stands by Etasaa.


9. Antique Silver Vases

These unique antique vases are stately and perfect, if you’re looking for some classy containers for some aromatic flowers.

(We would go for classic blood red roses)


Price: Rs. 6,700



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