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You know those nights when you’re dying to unwind and relax after a long, long day? Without a second thought, you throw on a jacket, some cologne and step into the most inviting restaurant around. But when you sit and get down to it, it already seems like a bad idea. Something about the nauseating pink interiors, maybe, or the too-bright lighting, or even the heavy smell of food that hangs in the air trapped in by the oversize leather furniture,  is almost repulsive, you wish you were back home, curling up with a book and a beer, why did you even drag your tired self to this place?

Well, the Candy and Green is not going to be one of those.

Irresistibly fresh, this restaurant shows you exactly why ambiance matters, and makes the dining experience. The verdant restaurant (we mean this quite literally, they even grow their own herbs) is at once modest- the décor deftly steps back to let the food, and the guests be the highlight of meals here. Designer Sumesh Menon describes it as rustic, with a healthy hint of greenery. The greenery reflects a liveliness- relaxing is much about rejuvenation as it is about rest.

Owner Shraddha Bhandali wanted the restaurant to reflect a faith in nature’s bounty, coupled with an energetic drive to innovation. The result, a lush eatery that swears by its meat-free cuisine and seasonal drinks, is a literal breath of fresh air, something very hard to catch in a city like Mumbai. As for designer Menon, this was the perfect opportunity “to explore vibrant and energetic ideas in order to achieve a delicious sensory feast as sumptuous as the menu itself”.


Accordingly, the two-level Candy and Green features a rustic concrete wood floor in its indoor section, balanced by the turf flooring in the rooftop section. Green stained glass, textured glass and flute glass envelope the lower level, such that the interior is swimming in shadows and cheerful light play.The bison board finished columns with light slits create a dramatic effect- one of the challenges that the designer mentions is the balance between daytime and night-time charm. The light slits match the ones on the floor in the rooftop area, and add charisma to the place by night- eating here is like being in a never ending garden party.

While the tree in the rooftop garden is undoubtedly the most eye-catching centre piece there was, our personal favourite was the long communal table laid out with square logs embedded with mosaic patterns. The table perfectly captures the sentiment of relaxed yet lively social eating experiences that is behind the restaurant’s philosophy. The fact that this place invites all kinds of diners, from the couple looking for a sweet secluded spot, to the traveller looking to meet new and interesting people, is the other thing we love about this restaurant.


The interior is filled with mismatched tables, lending the place a flirty, eclectic feel. Cheery yellow and blue chairs finish the look downstairs, while comfortable wooden chairs offer themselves up for a comfortable dining experience, upstairs. The bar features a catchy fresh green element based bar back display. Leaf-like light fixtures hang above the varying dining tables making dinners here the stuff of fairytales.


The bamboo fencing in the rooftop garden shows off designer Menon’s passion for integrating architecture and interiors for the most wholesome spaces. Like many of his other projects, the Candy and Green, too, embraces the familiar, and transforms it in specific and relevant applications, always leaving a little surprise here and there.


The 3500 sq feet space is perched on top of the Breach Candy. This not only lets you escape into a sanctuary in the sky, but is the perfect antidote to a stress filled life in the busiest city in the country. When it all gets too overwhelming, one has simply to distance oneself from it all, and gaze at it from an elevation- the breeze will blow away your disillusionment, and the romance and glitter of Mumbai life will settle back onto the city, like a shroud made of hope.

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