Top Picks for Exquisite Outdoor Living

Top Picks for Exquisite Outdoor Living

If you’re one of those lucky, lucky people with some outdoor space at your disposal, be it a garden, porch,or even a loungy terrace or balcony, you know that it would be quite criminal to let it go unused. A little effort can transform it into a private little outdoor lounge for those lazy afternoons. If you’re the gregarious type, you can spread the love, and invite some close friends over for a much-needed garden party! Here is how we would go about it.

1. Ergonomic Lounge

I love anything that gives me an excuse to snooze in the garden. This ergonomic loungy number in a classic red-white-black palette can make even a snoozing person instagram worthy.


2. Wicker Party

And who in the world disagrees about roomy wicker furniture and outdoor fun? The royal blue and white colors are simply gorgeous and make this sturdy, elegant set from Vetra perfect even for the most formal dos. Oh, and if it could get any better, Vetra offers a 5-year warranty against rust, and even faded cushion fabric!


3. Accent Matters

So, you’ve found the perfect picnic spot and pretty furniture to do up your backyard for that long-awaited garden party. What you need to complete the look is an accent dish. One, elegant something that is going to stand out and make the table shine, no matter what kind of food you lay on it. With its enamel-coloured rustic simplicity, and that metal-embellished fringe, this salad bowl from Qtrove is up there on our list.


4. Platter Party

If you’re looking at more of a beer and barbeque affair than a full family meal, go for a dainty, colorful platter, load it up with fruit or snacks (I’d even suggest some wild, tropical flowers on the side), and you have a centre-piece that will keep drawing the eyes. I’m in love with this swallow songbird fringed blue piece.


5. Stoneware Sorcery

Nothing is more elegant than classic tribal handwrought stoneware. Rustic, polished and  ready, this inky-smooth pieces from Curo Carte are perfect for those painstakingly assembled entrees.



6. Minimalist Affair

If you, like me, are pressed for space (I have a cute little terrace garden), what you need are compact, sleek pieces that are still comfortable enough to let you and friends stargaze the night away over chilled homemade cocktails. These folding chairs and table from Hauser come in pretty pastels and are perfect for anything from a tea party to glitzy do that will last till dawn.


7. Muddah Magic

Muddahs are another great choice for an eccentric, semi-formal look, and this one from No-Mad 97% India is more interesting than your chai-coloured bamboo affair, and great for a small space.


8. Brass Baja

And what is a garden party without an instrumental vase showing off some tropical beauty? I personally recommend this minimalist brass vase, that never fails to give me a nostalgic whiff of antique tumblers in my grandmother’s home.


9. Watercan Fun

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, ditch the vase for a pretty polka dot watering can from Qtrove.


10. Swing Lounge

If you like lounging outdoors like me, then you’ll definitely love swinging it out. The fact that this particular striped affair by Woodys Furniture is a three-seater makes it better and better- intimate swing partners for when you have nice company, or simply spread out along its length when you want to be left alone.


11. Basket Case

Go for these unique, sturdy placemats and coasters in bamboo for a rustic ambiance. I’d recommend some fairylights to go with it!


12. Sleek and Stylish

So, if you’re adamant about keeping things sleek, these minimalist trays are for you. As someone pressed for space in my little terrace garden, I would stay away from the clunky, too.


13. Gazebo Magic

So, if you’re looking for a special something, a mega-makeover for your outdoor space that is going to transform it into the stuff of fairytales, go grab a gazebo! This cedar wood number is topped by a  painted metal roof, and is as classy as it is sturdy.



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