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IDecorama catches up with designer Fenny Ganatra who bounced into the
international design map with her debut product “The Bounce Collection”

“Design is akin to change; it reflects the personality of the contemporary times we live in
and acts as a reflection of our tastes as they evolve. Addressing functional convenience is
at the heart of every good design. Form or visual appearance is subjective and should
respond to the purpose & the aspirations of whom the design is meant for; however by the
end of the design journey you have to find a balance.” says Fenny Ganatra, a designer
whose debut product, the Bounce Chairs exhibited in 12 different nations within the first two
years of its launch.

bottom image combine
Made by reinventing and simplifying every aspect of seating, the Bounce collection
intuitively gives relaxation a new avatar. Lean, light; pro-responsive, The Bounce chairs
are minimal, but compelling due to its intriguing function. It is when you sit, that all the
elements come together to leave a feeling of levitation. “It’s not only great fun to sit-on, but
also ventilates and supports your body making it comfortable to sit-on for longer hours” says
Fenny. Give it a nudge, and the elasticity of the silicone makes it easy to get out too.
Bounce went on to establish resellers in 20 countries and got featured in more than 30

CS-TRIO-CUBE-Wall-revised.276For someone who has tasted success with her first launch itself, design was not a collective
but an individual choice. “It required a good deal of persuasion to pursue a formal education
in ‘Product Design’ and it happened after some initial resistance which led to my degree in
business first.” After enrolling for the design course Fenny was exposed to numerous
designers who were working with international Home Décor brands “The international
travels and exhibitions with my debut product, set me up in the early days, to better
understand the delivery mechanism of a professional design creation studio. The exposure
of varied design languages, their interpretations and their quality of execution incorporated
diversity to the work we do at FennyG our design creation studio.”

Apart from this academic exposure Fenny continues to derive a lot of inspiration from her
travel diaries too. One of her products the Skinned Milvio Bench derives inspiration from
Ponte Milvio, a bridge over the Tiber in northern Rome, Italy. Some products are also a result of an abstract thought process which has found a creative form like “Frozen” the
dining table. Frozen was inspired by a single thought, “What if we could freeze a moment in
time?” It was this thought that gives frozen its unique personality. The collection is
customizable in size, shape and upholstery.

Frozen-corian-art-table copy
A designer is akin to a philanderer when it comes to choice of materials and Fenny is no
exception “I started my journey in 2010 flirting with one of the most versatile and modern
materials’ of today i.e. silicone, so much so that the breakthrough achieved with it in
furniture is till date unparalleled. Since then I have worked with both classic materials (inc.
wood, metal of all kinds, leather, fabric etc.) and other modern materials (inc. resin, plastic
etc.). Currently, I am enjoying flirting with a fusion of classic materials with resin. When I
started, I wanted to work only on breakthrough  eccentric products. Now, we are
sustainably developing products and further establishing our ‘design creation studio’;
something my family and children can look up to as a successful business.”
Along the journey Fenny has constantly added additional products to her portfolio though
majority of her current work pertains to furniture and home decor she is also in the process of
designing a range of luxury pens and sports bags for a client. Fenny remains tight lipped
about her clients and all we can say is, it includes high-profile industrialists, diamond
merchants, jewellers, business owners of various scales and sr. management of
multinational companies.

A refined taste and an innate understanding of design has enabled Fenny to popularise her
products at home and abroad, and in the years to come she remains keen to pursue the
global markets. Make In India – Sell Abroad, just what has the PM too wants us to do!


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