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SHROFFLEoN engages with a diverse set of professionals to impart the required deal of diversity in an apartment based in Powai, Mumbai.


The first thing that is striking about this project is the individuality it espouses. Each room, each space seems to draft a tale which describes the complete narrative. The colour scheme, the accessories, the material etch their role very well in this drama of design. Akin to a multi-starrer this project makes every effort to impress.



In redesigning the interiors Kayzad Shroff and Maria Leon, Principle Architects of SHROFFLEoN Architects converted a 5BHKspread across 3500 sq.ft into a 3BHK; in addition the open terrace was converted into an intimate den.Unlike other apartment projects this project features a dedicated elevator which directly opens up in the house. Once you step out, the corridor leads you to the living room which is draped in subdued grey and tangerine. In this restrained background the bright accessories which include a heady mix of branded and customised entities add the required dose of vibrancy.The artwork too is draped in the colour of the upholstered accessories. Illumining this space are recessed spotlights entrenched in the ceiling. The living room also conceals a bar, using custom designed lead panels which look akin to a cast and crumpled metal;SHROFFLEoN collaborated with Designer Anand Prabhudesaito create these panels.The dining space situated in the corner of the living room, it is separated from the den area by glass sliders. The black marble dining table offers the required deal of colour contrast in the sober backdrop; however grabbing attention here is the ceiling space, courtesy 11 Alvar Alto lamps which look like freshly folded cloth pieces hanging from the top.



The innovative approach towards the ceiling continues in the den.Wooden boards create a diagonal pattern which is accentuated with the use of LED.The woodenboards also create a series of diagonal recesses; each recess in turn accommodates a filament bulb covered with a globe of glass. Set in a box, a chandelier with swirls of yellow revs up the quotient of exclusivity further,the chandelier cast’s its shadow on the water body which is right under it. On the western wall of the den, a patch of vertical garden effectively called as the “Green Wall’represents another element of quirkiness the designers have added to this space. The dining space and the den are separated by a glass slider; as and when required this slider can be moved and unite the entire space can be integrated as one. The space looks integrated also on the account of the wooden flooring which starts from the dinning space and spreads in to the den.



“The project represents the experimental usage of materials and textures all throughout,” says Kayzaad Shroff, “each room, uses a material, texture or colour that was the result of an in-depth research and development between us, the client and the fabricator.”


The bathroom had numerous windows and it was essential to utilise the daylight whilst maintaining the privacy required. To achieve this SHROFFLEoN collaborated with another artist to design a semi-transparent screen consisting of mirrors, the screen filters the daylight which flows in while adding the required dose of privacy. Likewise in one of the bedrooms, the designers collaborated with artisans from Rajasthan to fabricate fluted marble tiles, which forms the backdrop to the bed.In the guest bedroom a handcrafted chevron pattern wood veneered wall paper- custom designed by Maya Romanoff imparts the desired look. The children’s room is designed in soft pink and pale veneer. The carpet on the floor too evokes the childishness that prevails in this room. A wall paper depicting the world map consumes an entire wall. The clever placement of the bunk bed with the study table beside represents a precise use of the available space.In a project which showcases diverse design ideas, the flooring retains a uniform format, the weapon of choice being wood and Italian marble. The selected carpets which adorn each room add an element of variation in this uniform caricature.


Set in an urban landscape where clients vie for diversity to invoke the required amount of uniqueness, this project measures up to the challenge. The project was also a niche affair with regards to the number of contractors involved. In the words of Maria Leon “Multiple contractors were utilised for this project and this meant systematic intervention on our part; as architects and interior designers, it demanded our constant and undivided attention since an effective co-ordination between different individuals was desired. But we took it as a challenge and the end result I must confess epitomises the collective fulfilment of our individual expertise.”


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