A Structural Symphony

A Structural Symphony

Seoul based architect MoonHoon uses tenets of architecture and basic elements of geometry to design a mixed use project in Gangnam, South Korea.



One single look at the project denotes that – it integrates structural geometry with an element of futurism. The dash of futurism however was notintentional, in the words of Architect MoonHoon “I never thought about futurism, the idea was to create a space by joining points and drawing lines and intersections and it created an un-orthogonal grid space to work on.”


The site where this abode was constructed is narrow and tiny. Situated in the upscale Gangnam Area it opens up to the road side while the other side of the structure remains heavily walled. Externally the façade is a swathe of white,which rises above its contemporaries. It looks akin to a Unlike other projects where the client corroborates the design ideas in a regular client brief ‘Dogok Maximum’ saw an active participation on the client’s part. “The clientwas very closely involved in defining the plans and sections,” says MoonHoon “even the program for each floor was clearly defined.On the basis of these inputs the syntax of the end product as you can see, is professional yet creative”

문훈/ 건축가/영월군 상동읍 대한중석/2014.05.11/권혁재 사진전문기자

The external surface of the building creates a picturesque relationship of triangles and diamonds. Etched in these are the glass windows which take the shape of a square, parallelogram, rhombus, triangles and squares. Pretty much all the basic geometrical shapes your school level mathematics got you acquainted with! But it can’t be denied that this foreplay of geometry combined with a sober colour façade imparts a certain level of quirkiness and uniqueness to this project.


The angular synergy is not limited to the external façade;the dialogue of the interiors too assumes the proportions of geometry. The balustrades too have been utilised in a novel way, the placement of furniture along this space makes it look akin to a musical organ. The flooring laid in an angular format gels just well with the internal caricature. Adding the required dose of luxe are the spotlights and the lights in the ceiling recess. Given the angularity of the interior scheme certain lights are also aligned in a linear yet angular mode.



The quirky abode among other things includes a photo studio. The basement accommodates a dedicated space for photo-shoots conducted by the client’s son – who is an aspiring photographer. This concealed space also includes a storage space and toilet. All his business meets and formal gatherings are restricted to the first floor which acts as an office lobby. Up one level – the first floor is a personal area which opens up to a hall complimented with a dressing room, bedroom and a study room. The design scheme adoptedmaximises the use of the available space for storage purposes.


The family meetings unfold at the third level it features a living room and a study. The living room consist of a balcony likewise the study accommodates a window which offers a nice view of the street.The fourth floor consists of an east facing bath space which makes clever use of glass. The entity looks like an open space under the skies where one can relax whilst overseeing the world outside. However the world outside cannot look back at you thanks to the opaque films attached to the glass surface. The fourth floor also consists of a bedroom and a dressing room.The roof-space above overlooks the bath space below and offers the views of the adjoining street. The presence of a small tea house in this design scheme acts as an intimate space for coffee conversations and more. All the different levels are connected by a series of stairs, for the convenience of the aged members, an elevator has also been provided; it connects the ground floor to the third floor.


The abode is a testimony to the vertical symphony that the architects have arrived at with geometric precision. Considering this is a mixed use project, the space also represents a proper symbiosis between the professional and the personal spaces. Last but not the least the abode is an apt reflection of the signature style of a project designed by MoonHoon..Cheers to That!


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