Top 11 Favorite Wallpaper Looks Trending Now

Top 11 Favorite Wallpaper Looks Trending Now

Wallpaper is making a phenomenal comeback right now, and today’s advanced printing technology means that it’s looking better than ever. What with maximalism taking over homes and spaces, especially the newfound love for this design philosophy in America (here in India, we were always masters of the maximalist look, more is always more), wallpaper is simply starting to make more and more sense. Now, of course, there are tons of things you can do with walls, playing with paint, texture, tone, and other features of your surface, but wallpaper opens up much more: the best part about wallpaper? You’re not stuck with it forever.


If you, like me, are more than happy to embrace change, and are quite used to tweaking things around your space often, wallpaper is probably ideal for you. Plus, who am I kidding, walls are never going to be as fun as a wallpaper. Unless someone gets me something super cool, like a wallpaper projector. Whether you’re up for experimental post-modern patterns in sophisticated aesthetics, outrageous vintage style 70s cyberpunk clutter, or feel most comfortable surrounded by a mellow floral print right out of Beatrix Potter, wallpaper is a great place to start. Remember, wallpaper can change everything.

Here are a few tips from the house to nudge you along the right direction.

  1. Pick Environment Friendly Paper

First things first, and In cannot stress this enough. One of the not-so-healthy disadvantages of wallpaper used to be its potential to expose you to harmful chemicals from adhesive, and toxic inks. But we are now in the 21st century, you guys. Don’t you settle for random toxic and harmful options that are going to take a few years out of your life. Wallpaper manufacturers today have come a long way, by staying away from dangerous elements like phthalate plasticizers, ink made with formaldehyde and barium-zinc stabilizers, replacing them with safer, environmentally viable choices, to achieve better air quality, which results in fewer illnesses and better productivity.

one side polka

  1. Making Room

Consider the room that needs that wallpaper makeover. I’m not talking about the function here (an example of things going wrong would be a nauseating puke-coloured shade of green or yellow in your kitchen, despite how perfect it looked in the shop, next to a delicate lavender), I’m talking about the general personality of the room. Is your bedroom a mellow place with vintage chests and soothing shades on the bed and curtains? You want stick with that general theme.

Sticking with the theme

Sticking with the theme can be fun

  1. Dingy Disasters

Unfortunately, it’s quite easy to overestimate the space you have, or underestimate exactly how dark a shade it. What you end up with: a super claustrophobic room. It’s always a great idea to actually take a sample home to see what it might look like in the lighting of that particular room. Also, smaller rooms, lighter shades, goes without saying. Oh, and you want to stay away from big, bold patterns, too, if your rooms are small.

This moody room could use one light colored wall!

This moody room could use one light colored wall!

  1. Pattern Perfect

Cute pattern, or cute enough to drive you over the edge in a few months? That stripey orange affair might have stood out like nothing else in the shop, back in summer when you were simply looking for something that made your house look like a party, but it could get pretty annoying pretty soon.

What might have looked like a party at one time

What might have looked like a party at one time

   5. Abstract And Lit

Don’t you shy away from abstract splotches and patterns. We love the contrast of muted gold and grey that gives this room it’s contemporary and sophisticated, yet airy ambience.


  1. The Vintage Compliment

Honey and other shades of yellow work as a great backdrop for vintage accessories and furniture. Yellow sounds a bit risque, I know, but trust me when I say shades of yellow work great for heritage homes and spaces. Especially if your furniture happens to be on the dark side of the palette.


  1. Pastel Perfect

Lavender, muted pinks, mint, pastel blues are a classic go-to, if you feel ready for wallpaper, but you don’t want to push it. Oh, and another unassuming colour that’s trending this season? Sepia and earthy tones.


  1. Maximalist Experimentation

On the other hand, you might just be incorrigibly experimental, not blinking twice before you mount that erotic print in your kitchen, or doing up your living room walls in black. Well, go with your instincts and embrace bold patterns, we say! Stay unpredictable!

Probably a bad idea if you want to put up your art

Probably a bad idea if you want to put up your art

  1. Thou Shalt Not Clutter

Are you someone who owns or is constantly collecting a lot of art? The maximalist look might just not be for you. You want to stick with earthy or pearly tones, or risk your art looking second-rate!


  1. One Side Wonder

Ok, so you can’t afford to take it out on all four walls. No problem, just do one wall! The number of artistic and surreal options that can take advantage of the wallpaper-on-one-wall look is mindblowing.


  1. The Wallpaper Nook

Ok, so you’ve just spent a fortune setting up your house, and you have just a pocketful of money left, and are looking for a good way to spend it. Surprise idea: Wallpaper a worthy nook in your house. Maybe it’s that tiny corner with the washbasin, maybe it’s that alcove in which your bow-front window seat sits. Just wallpaper it up with a pretty, pretty design, and viola, you’ve just added loads of character to your space!



  1. DIY

Ok, so the best part about wallpaper is that it is such a DIY friendly project. Opt for water-soluble adhesives over oil-based ones, and you’re good to go!


And last, but not the least, remember to follow your intuition, design is a matter of personal taste and interest, so don’t you go trying to be someone else!

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