A Chair Raising Tale

At times the most unusual idea makes the right statement – CHYBIK+KRISTOF Architects & Urban Designers show us how.

Writers in particular read between the lines; it comes along with the job they do. The same is true for people who are good at interpreting, for precise interpretation helps you understand a situation or a message correctly. But when it comes to branding, the message may not be ‘subtle’ given the low attention span of the target audience. The idea hence is to be as direct and open as possible. But alas only advertising agencies and MBA graduates get an opportunity to execute such paradigms, isn’t it?  Think Again. Think Again!


In the outskirts of Brno,the second largest city in the Czech Republic lays a path covered in snow. This entire space creates an allegory akin to the thrillers written and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Just as you are about to doze off in deep sleep, an unusual looking façade evokes your curiosity and you wonder what the…??? Now that’s the façade we are talking about see, an integration of chairs, chairs and some more chairs, who and why?

Chybik+Kristof Architects _ Urban Designers_portrait_Foto_Ondrej Sury9

Further investigations revealed that this is in fact a furniture showroom. At this point I must say the attempt isclearly to shout out loud…as loud as possible, hey there… are you looking for good furniture! You are at the right place. My quest for knowledge brought me in touch with the creators of this modern marvel- OndřejChybíkand Michal Krištof, founders of CHYBIK+KRISTOF Architects & Urban Designers. A young and enthusiastic duo they point out one of the prime reasonfor designing the compact façade was also its location “The showroom is on the outskirts of the city of Brno. The benefit of the site is the nearby road, which is one of the most frequented roads in the area. That was the basic reason why we designed a compact façade made out of chairs with no direct view to the interior.”


But given the mood-swings of the weather how can it sustain in the long run? “It is true,” revealsMichal “that we have used the product itself to design the façade, the same product which is offered by the brand; however keeping in view of the weather extremities, we have added an UV protection element to sustain the chairs in exterior.”The project was made on a defined budget yet the outcome is effective enough to evoke the right interest. Inside the showroom curtains roll down from the ceiling concealing the franchise in drapes of white; waiting to be unveiled by the prospective customer. “Because of the defined budget,”says Ondřej “we used three circular curtains to create four different scenarios inside the showroom. Each scenario utilises a different flooring and lighting scheme to highlight the product in question”.



The lighting in the monochromatic interiors was largely based on the lines of the lighting scheme used usually in exhibitions. Ondřej says “The lighting follows interior organisation of the space and supports the exhibition concept. Inside the curtained spaces,it creates just the right atmosphere for the products to be highlighted outside the curtains;the idea was to achieve the normative light quality.”


A showroom is an important aspect to ensure that a brand gets the required leverage;CHYBIK+KRISTOF Architects & Urban Designers have taken this ideology a step ahead.Using non architectural materials as a facade system they have turned this store into a metaphor of the brand itselfand in doing so made this space popular globally.

Architektonické studio CHYBIK+KRISTOF, Chybik+Kristof, Chybik a Kristof, Chybík a Krištof, Architekti Chybík a Krištof, Ondřej Chybík, Michal Krištof

Architektonické studio CHYBIK+KRISTOF, Chybik+Kristof, Chybik a Kristof, Chybík a Krištof, Architekti Chybík a Krištof, Ondřej Chybík, Michal Krištof


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