12 Inexpensive DIY Bedroom Makeover Ideas

12 Inexpensive DIY Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Let me be straightforward with you, this is not going to be one of those articles which propose ridiculously over-the-top ‘Do-It-Yourself’ ideas, the kind you would rather pay a carpenter to do, than risk your self. So, this one is not for the faint hearted. Read on only if you’re desperate for a bedroom makeover, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes for an awesome bedroom that you’re simply waiting to get home to at the end of the day.

That said, these are going to be simple and perfectly executable on a budget. Promise.

  1. Always Sleep in a Shrine

My bed is, literally, the most important place in my house. I would rather pick a shabbier home with a comfortable bed that my back will be thanking me for, than a glitzy picture perfect little thing that comes with a shabby bed. I have made this choice time and again, and trust me when I say watch where you sleep. Wouldn’t it, then, be apt to make it look as important as it is? A bed canopy is a quick fix that adds a bit of romance and ambience to your sleeping site, making it a place you will come back to over and over (I even have my meals there sometimes, although I wouldn’t recommend this!)



How to go about it? Fix up a little curtain rod or any similar such protrusion directly above your headboard. Canopies come in all types, and even the most perfunctory little half veil over the headboard will make loads of difference! You’re lucky if you’re bed is already next to some sort of wall fixture! Sarees or effervescent mosquito nets lined with fairy lights would be my material of choice.


  1. The Canopied Nook

If you think bed canopies are so corny, and, anyway, you don’t have a blasted fixture in the wall strategically placed right over your bed, then make a canopied reading spot!


How inviting does that look?

How inviting does that look?

  1. Paint That Headboard

I’ve been stricken with a persistent case of ugly headboards since I moved out of my parents’ years ago. How do you deal with it? Well, just a little coat of silver or white spray paint, if you’re a sworn minimalist. A poster or hand-drawn mandala, and other embellishments of your choice, if you believe in unbridled and colourful self expression!



Another luscious idea for those who desire a pretty headboard, but have a flat bed, just paint that headboard right onto the wall. Simple, and brilliant, no?

1420857027225Some people do dream catchers over their headboards, another magical idea.

wanderlust soul

  1. Bedside Table with a Twist

Got an old suitcase or trunk that you don’t quite use, but are not quite ready to bin? Make it a table! One coat of paint, and your old suitcase is perfect for when you want to put down that glass of scotch when you need to turn a page, and also a picturesque receptacle for those scented candles that you want to leave on without burning the house down.


Suitcase not tall enough? Why, stack a bunch of them on top of one another!


  1. Bedroom Party

I always feel the need for a disco ball in my living spaces. Not only does it express a certain part of my personality, but goes a long way in making the place feel both glamorous and informal, at the same time. Like, I’m always ready to throw a party at short notice. I can’t be bothered to hunt an actual full size one down, of course, I just make my own. Just grab yourself a paper lantern and some silver paper that you can cut strips out of, and you’re set. Works GREAT if you have a tall ceiling (As long as you can catch hold of a tall enough ladder).


  1. Dress Up that Dresser

Old furniture can make a room dingy and quite undesirable. One coat of paint is all your dresser needs to add some character to your room.


  1. Hang up Your Art

I’m always telling everyone this, the most appropriate place for your most prized, personal art is your bedroom, really. Not your living room, where you spend less than 30% of your time, not kitchen, and certainly not your bathroom. Art in the study, I would understand. Put up your favorite pieces in the bedroom where they can inspire you well!


  1. Upcycled Pillow Covers

You can use your old tees, sweaters, or literally any old top for this one. Snip snip, and a  quick stitch on one side, and you have pillow and cushion covers more fancy than anything in the market. I sometime use old handbags as cushion covers, to glamorous effect.



  1. Quilt it

So you got a lot of free time on your hands when you’re too broke to go out? Happens all the time. Why don’t we do something productive with that time, and, yes, make us our very own quilt? Pick the choicest of your frayed and useless clothing and upholstery to make a bohemian little island of a bed-space.


  1. All That Glitters

This is a go to that never fails me. Room looking dull and listless? Just hang up your jewellry and watch it transform right in front of your eyes. You can fix yourself your own organiser from an old photo frame or a branch, buy one cheap at the market, or, like me, find odd little places. Doorknobs, handles, and the odd nail or two are my favorite spots.


  1. Mix and Match

So, you went a little overboard to make sure everything in the room matches? Er, that’s probably why it turned out boring. Why don’t we get our spontaneous on, and artfully mix it up a little bit?


  1. Rug it Out

So, this will officially be the most expensive makeover idea on the page, but this one’s probably worth it. A shaggy rug that you can simply sink your feet and your bum into says comfortable bedroom like nothing else.


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