Basics of Powerful Retail Design

We come across many Retail stores on our visits to Airports, Malls, Shopping Arcades – some of them we instantly get attracted to and some of them we give a convenient miss. So, what are the important factors of Design when it comes to Retail Interiors and casting a great first impression on the customer which compels them to visit the store?

Every retailer has the ultimate goal of attracting customers, engaging and making them spend money. So, what is it that works wonders? Bright colours? Nice music? Quirky Brand Name? No. The answer is more complex – The secret is in understanding the consumer and planning and positioning your brand for the consumer. At SDBP we focus on getting this right and base our design on understanding the brand and the consumer. Here are some of the more common levers used in retail design.

Attractive Window Design

Heard of the phrase “Window Shopping”? In shopping, appearances are everything. Your store is one of several and all it gets is one look. So, it’s either love at first sight, or not at all. But just having a fancy display doesn’t translate to footfalls. It always helps to keep in mind that people don’t enter malls for commodities – they are shopping for experiences.

Therefore, the secret to great Design is to tell a visual story that connects with your customer. Your brand is that story. The Window Design is the cover page of that story book – one that stands out, and knows what you are looking for.

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Increasing Dwell Time of a consumer

Once customers are attracted to the store, the next important step is to slow down their journey inside and make them spend more time. The most important factor contributing to it is to place a conspicuous product display right at the entrance. Customers usually base their decision of entering a store by seeing key products at the entrance display.

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Marking an effective customer journey

It is very important for a designer to understand how and where a retailer wants to position every product. Demarcating this path effectively and creatively will keep customer engaged at the store longer and will help leverage sales. Placing some well-designed interactive kiosks or Innovative display also helps the consumer understand the products well, resulting in maximum dwell time.

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Bring-in three “I”s in design

It is extremely important for a designer to be Imaginative, Impressive (visually) and Innovative while designing the interiors in retail as it plays a very important role in attracting the customer and promoting sales. With the use of vibrant colors, cozy lightings, bold signages and interactive displays one can ensure a strong brand identity and have their customers coming back!
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Planning a comfort zone

It is to be kept in mind while planning to have some breathing space for the customer and effectively making the store spacious. This will not only make the customer comfortable but also improve their shopping experience.

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Overall effective retail design is an art and a craft – an orchestra of the different instruments of Space Planning, Creative Displays and Effective Lighting for highlighting the right products and colors for brightening the space. It is very important to consider all aspects at the basic design stage as a slightest unbalance of even one element is the difference between success and failure. Even one un-tuned violin is enough to ruin an orchestra. But when they all come together, the effect can be a spiritual experience that will leave people asking for more.ritten By –

Ar. Prachi Karthik Naig

Owner – Signature Designs By Prachi.

Image Source: Pinterest

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