11 Tell Tale Signs That You’re a Maximalist

11 Tell Tale Signs That You’re a Maximalist

All those predictions about the millennial generation being obsessed with clean, neat minimalism are all but breaking down. If anything, the millennial generation seems to be obsessed with proudly showing off what they’re about. The age of social media has turned us into uninhibited and confident exhibitionists, proudly and publicly affirming every part of our lives. When it comes to design, maximalism is, at once, about a comfortable acceptance of materialism, and a not-so-subtle balance of individuality against consumerism which is, by now, a ubiquitous part of the human condition. “Love everything you buy, even if it’s a coaster,” she says. “When you’ve hand-selected everything that’s in your home, how could you not love being there?”, designer Jenny Norris said, putting it all rather poignantly.

If you embrace over the top aesthetics and unapologetic design, you might just be a proud maximalist!

  1. You made Wallpaper Cool

Wallpaper might be making a vengeful comeback, but you only stand back and watch it all with a smug smile. Everyone knows where you’ve always stood on this issue. Wallpaper is sexy. Period. You’re not aware of a period when it wasn’t.


  1. A White Wall is Unfinished Business

The plain white wall might be a quick fix, but every time you look at one, you can literally picture how you would be doing it up.


  1. You Always Show (off) Your True Colours

No matter what. You can’t for the love of God, hold back. That accent chair might be too precious to go with other distracting accessories, but that won’t stop you from placing your hip new coffee table next to it. Or that glamorous rug. Or that ornate vintage lamp.


  1. The Cosy Eccentric Bedroom

This is what you’re bedroom inevitably ends up looking like.


  1. A House Should Inspire at Every Turn

You believe that a house has the obligation to inspire. Whether or not you’re the type who tends to carry home work, you demand that your house brings out the creative best in you.


  1. You Know How to Work a Cliche

Animal prints, pink sofas, photo walls, polka dots you name it. You treasure your pop culture references, and you’re not beyond any cliche that fascinates you, and you somehow manage to make it all come together.

animal print

  1. You’ve Never Shied From Bling

Silver candelabra for your blood red candles? Yes please. Gold trim? Why not. Extravagant is a state of being, for you, and you’re naturally drawn to glamour.


  1. Patterns Calm You Down

Patterns are an inevitable part of your life, bold prints find you.


  1. You Can’t Be Bothered to Match

Your favorite colour is everything, there’s just way too much stuff that deserves a space, and all of it will simply have to ‘fit in’, if it won’t match!


  1. You’re the God of Repurposing

You know how to juxtapose, and mix up those references. Anything can become anything you want it to be is the irrational design philosophy you embrace, and boy, does it serve you well.


  1. You Have a Collection of Collections

You’ve collected cacti, tea kettles, mugs, jewelry, posters, all of which have their own conspicuous places in the decor.


  1. You Can Teach a Course on Layering

“Er, tartan over tartan?” “Sure, that could be an interesting look”.


                                                              By Faustina Johnson


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