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DSP Associates designs an office space for a leading financial institution in Bangalore laced with all the attributes of an innovative workspace.

In a timeline when the business environment are getting increasingly globalised it has started influencing the way businesses are conducted.  Though the pyramid of hierarchy remains the same, businesses are inducing flexibility – across the entire chain of command, including senior and the middle management levels. And this is being done by the way of design as well, in recent times this concept has come to be known as workspace innovation.
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The legacy of the mixed economy in India had a defined approach towards workspace however post 1991 the wave of change started taking the baby steps. In the current timeline even state owned organisations are implementing changes in their approach towards workspace design. Mehul Shah,Owner, DSP Associates who has worked on innovation projects says “Workspace design trends over the recent past have been inching towards more lifestyle inductive workspaces adopting an open door policy.




The stereotypes attached to state owned organizations are now losing grip on the mindset of the client’s interior decision makers.”


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“In open and innovative offices,” adds Mehul “while the theme of the project or the colour pallet used plays an extremely important role; it is the work environment that primarily fosters productivity at work. Innovative workspaces allow for flexibility, adaptability, comfort, collaboration, focused working, mobility, fun infused collaboration and more. It is the concept and the theme of the design that challenges the designers to translate the same into built form. It is a balancing act between justice to the design theme and the utility of the space that makes workspaces innovative.”


DSP Associates recently executed a project involving a similar sensibility for a leading financial institution based in Bangalore.The organization aspired to outgrow the conventional workspace design to a newage agile workspace. While maintaining its long standing global conceit the organization had a strong inclination towards translating the local culture into the workplace. The office is located in a commercial tower- not a high-rise per se. The office is inspired by the Indian courtyard and street & the Town Square concept.  The design aesthetics were created keeping innovation, comfort and collaboration at core.
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The project is an intermesh of the local culture of the place with the organization’s global culture, the challenge lay in syncing all the parameters involved – to match international standards. DSP Design successfully overcame this challenge also ensuring a LEED certification. In designing an open office as opposed  a closed structure the flow of spaces is an important parameter. In this project the flow of spaces ensures a visual connectivity all over and there is no real private space where vision is restricted.

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The office design simulates the work environment to positively impact employee morale placing at their disposal activity based informal collab areas, social hubs in the form of work cafes well dispersed within the workspace. The staff members can also choose to take calls in eclectic ‘phone booths’ shaped like a tardis, this perhaps epitomises the level of flexibility the workspace offers.

The various ‘collaboration spaces’ embrace themes inspired by different states across India. One of the most de-stressing themes in this franchise is that of Goa.The peculiarities of Goa were construed to express elements of the beach in the form of a ceiling decked with surfboards. The typical Goan boat serves as a seating in this design scheme. The workcafe aptly referred to as Morjim also features anchor artefacts coupled with a Goan Shack. The area adjoining the workspaces is divided with a built in partition devised using cycle tyres strung together to form a screen.This dedicated zone features quirky furniture and facilitates individual and group activities.
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One of the core USP’s of the old corporate offices which could afford extra sq.fts usually featured a well manicured garden, the idea was to uphold the green values and create a stress-free environment . In innovative times this greenery has encroached the interiors for good. This project in Bengaluru features collab areas inspired by the parks, the forests and their greens. Intricacies like twigs and leaves having been translated to seating furniture with the woods providing for the floor or stools. The ceiling décor is in the form of branches whilst the benches look straight out of the park.

In the 80’s a predominantly B&W era (considering colour TV’s just arrived in 1980) an office cafeteria usually featured an aesthetic which is simple, if not bland. Segregated chairs and tables aided round table conversations with tube-lights and antique fans hovering over head. In this office space the Black & White is a prominent feature of the Bollywood themed work café which emotes the nostalgic vibes of the 80s. The work café is designed to have a studio feel coupled with lighting in the form of bulbs from that era. The walls decked with Bollywood movie trivia, LP records and more. To add to the theme of the work café a vintage Yezdi Bike was restored and placed to express the charm of that era from the Bollywood movie- Sholay.

An office space in an amalgamation of varied hues represented by individual ambitions, skillsets,passion,dreams and different communities. This project designed by DSP  Associates integrates all these hues in a colourful yet functional avatar, to define an office space which is both new-age and innovative!

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