5 technologies, a must-have for modern living

5 technologies, a must-have for modern living

Controlled lighting: Lighting arrangements plays crucial role in setting the mood of the home. Many times we feel that the lighting is too bright or too dull. Due to advent of technology the brightness, timer for switching on-off, single click control to entire home lighting system is possible. There are abundant variants available in the market so you can select as per your need. Such lighting system not only helps creating appropriate ambience but also saves lot of unnecessary energy consumption. This in turn saves money and environment.

Security system: Installment of CCTV is primary step in securing home. These systems can detect forced entry be it via windows or doors in homes. They can even detect smoke or water leaks and sends alerts on your mobile. The sophisticated versions even provide motion sensors; to make sure that there is no way that home is under threat. Authorized or recognized entry is also a notable feature of these systems.

Smart TV: Today’s generation is rightly called the screen generation. We are constantly in front of mobile screen, laptop screen or TV screen. We are already using mobile and computer interchangeably. SmartTV is an addition to this series. With smart TV not only your entertainment experience will amplify explicitly but it you can even connect with your mobile content by using Wi-Fi.

Air Purifier: It is an offbeat product but surely necessary to ensure healthy and smart living. In recent times the quality of air has degraded severely and is going to get worse. Hence, an air purifier is a must in modern homes. They can be connected to Wi-Fi and even display detailed statistics via an app. They can also be turned on or off remotely and have intelligent saving features, at full power these draw as much voltage as two tube light.

Automated curtains: Automatic curtain tracks, remote control tracks or rods, is a common nomenclature for motorized curtain rods. Initially it was considered to be a fancy product, now it has become an essential for every house hold. It not only helps in managing curtains but also help in controlling light intensity by a click. Since windows are not only a source for light but also heat, curtain tracks help in moderating temperature too.

In India, there are many companies who have created pocket friendly version of these automated devices. The price of our automatic curtain tracks starts right from Rs. 15,000 hence making it the best deal available. Automatic track remotes come from 6 channels to 15 channels hence, you can control up to 15 different automatic tracks with one remote.


These essentials will not only enhance your living but also give your home an edge over others. So advent into modern world fully prepped.




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